Monday, November 3, 2014

Dropon, new communication platform like Twitter with a focus on privacy

We are already accustomed to the emergence of new media platforms on the Internet that are aimed to the users are connected between them without having to give up your privacy. This objective is also available in Dropon , new communication platform similar to popular online microblogging platform Twitter.
For us to be part of the community Dropon simply have to fill a form, where it is the only way to be part of this community. Once inside, and we can perform the usual duties of customization of our accounts, establishing our imágenesn profile, indicating the URL of our sites, adding a small bio and some other aspects that this platform allows us to easily configure through a simple and clear interface.
Thus, in the configuration tabs we have focused on privacy, where we have a number of concepts on which we can define who can access them, either publicly, but only followers, or only us. Similarly, section profile, both in the fields of general information and personalized information, we can also define who can access the data they contain.
Like Twitter, Dropon also have followers and followed independently, and also have a counter publications to date. If we have recorded, this counter is obviously zero.
Once we have our accounts and lists, we can publish our status updates, allowing us to use up to 500 characters, taking a field where the labels indicate the same. If we want to know those topics that is being published, to the right is a list of prominent labels, allowing us to access each of them to find the publications that carry them.
Each status update can contain an image, and once published, can be added as a favorite, republish and respond. Also supports Dropon mentions. Finally, note that we can keep track of publications that occur under specific tags.
Dropon is a new platform recently launched, so we can not expect our friends are already using it, but something similar also happened in the early days of Twitter.
One of the users of this platform says about it: "This website is the next step for our future social media and technology. It is a very detailed and great website that provides an innovative and elegant look and style. This is the foundation for a new future .... " We will see the level of acceptance among users may have, because as always, a critical mass of users to be with our acquaintances and find interesting people to follow will be necessary.